The Legacy of the British Raj in India

The British ruled over and administered India for the best part of 100 years.
They started trading with India in the early 1600′s. By the mid 1700′s they were engaged in fighting against various kingdoms. By the mid 1800′s they were fully in control of the Indian subcontinent and were either directly administering through the means of the Indian civil service, or were letting the local Maharajahs administer their own Kingdoms as long as the Maharajahs were paying the British the desired license fee and were prepared to follow the terms and conditions set out by the British.

In 1947 the British left India partitioned into India and Pakistan as a result of which over one million people died in migration between the two new countries. In addition India was virtually bankrupt with very little infrastructure
or industry. Yet when the British first went to India in the 1600′s it was a very prosperous place with a large GDP and a huge manufacturing base, which is the reason why the British wanted to trade in the first place. The conclusion being that the British left India in a far worse state then how they found it.

Since 1947 India has developed all its infrastructure and industries from ground up, including roads, agriculture, textiles, steel, nuclear, space, military, telecoms and IT and much more. It has made so much progress that some consider it to be a potential global superpower in the very near future, and this has all happened within 60 years of The British leaving India.

So what really was the legacy of the British in India? Many would say that the British went into a prosperous land, bled it dry, and then left. Others would say the British brought culture (education to the heathens), technology and of course the great English language to a country that otherwise would never have experienced all of this.

But one point that often gets missed is that India is now a united country with a democracy and all the relevant institutions needed to sustain democracy, like a judiciary and armed forces. The British had a big hand in this although their motives were all together different. Basically when the British came to India in the 1600′s, it was a fragmented country with many little kingdoms none of whom liked each other. The British took advantage of these differences and slowly gobbled up each kingdom, eventually bringing the sum total of all these kingdoms under British rule. Eventually when the British left they handed over a united India.

It seems that this unification could only have been achieved by an alien power like the British because the Kingdoms hated each other to the extent that they would join the British against each other, yet they would not join each other against the British. This character flaw in the Indian persona is exactly what the British exploited and is also why it would have been very difficult for the Indians to have unified by themselves without some external influence.

India has made great progress over the last 60 years because it is unified. Surely this has to be counted as an important British legacy.

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The Olympic Legacy – Get In The Gym

Much has been made of the so-called Olympic Legacy: how it will change the lives of young people across the United Kingdom. Whilst I don’t doubt that this will take place, thanks to the tireless efforts of Lord Coe and his team, I’d like to focus on a different aspect of the Olympic summer we’ve been through, and one which for many women is perhaps closer to home.

The efforts of young, super-fit Olympians such as Mo Farah and Jess Ennis are truly inspiring, but for us middle-aged women, struggling to balance the demands of family, work, and perhaps aging parents, they can seem as through they’re from another planet. Not for us the iron thighs of a Sarah Storey, or the toned arms of those rowers. If you have been inspired by the summer of sport, but feel that life is enough of a struggle as things are, how can you harness some of that passion but adapt it to your daily life?

Small changes

We all know what we need to do to lose weight and tone up – eat less, and move more. But if this seems an impossible challenge when it’s all you can do to pay your bills on time and get your children to school fully clothed in the correct uniform, I suggest focusing on one small change per week. This may seem a tiny change but it is manageable, allowing you to do one thing every week and do it well.

Change tends to stick when it’s gradual, when you allow it to become habitual. It’s almost impossible for a busy, stressed adult to make sweeping changes and expect them to be maintained in the face of life’s challenges. Building change up slowly has two effects: it ensures that you’re not overwhelmed by too many shocks to your routines, whilst ensuring that you feel that you really are doing something.

Reward yourself

Psychologists agree that reward is a vital part of our psyche. So every time you go to the gym, or go for a walk, or refuse pudding, tick it off on your mental chart. At the end of an agreed period – whether that’s every week, every fortnight, or every month – reward yourself. However, I’m not talking about the dubious reward of a sweet treat when yo”re trying to slim. Alter your reward system, treating yourself to a manicure, a hot bath, a trip to the cinema with friends – anything which breaks the mold and gives you a real chance to tell yourself how well you’re doing.


Capitalise on the example of the Olympics and visualise success. Winning athletes think about what it will feel like to win, and this can be applied to you, too. Thinking about how good you’ll feel at the end of that gym workout can get you over the hump of leaving the house – and pondering the benefits of being fitter and slimmer will reinforce your resolve. Think like a world-class athlete, and you may just push yourself out of a rut. Remember, you don’t have to make huge changes – but you do have to make a change.

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Legacy Classic Kids Bunk Bed

A legacy bunk bed is type of bed in which the one bed structure is stacked over another bed. It allows sibling to share the same bed. These types of beds are supported by pillars or it is wooden in nature. To go to the second or upper bed stairs are provided. There is a railing so that child should not fall down. The children below six years should not sleep on top floor.

It saves space. There are different types of bed. It is generally of wooden in nature and there is twin bed means that on that bed two sibling can sleep. It maximizes the space in the room so you can add cabinets or drawers to where you can keep the children stuffs orderly. It is best if you let the children fixed what is needed to be fixed and arrange what it is to arrange every after they play or use that certain things.

The Sundance Twin legacy bunk bed is available with optional under bed storage upgrades. It is finished by warm golden maple colour and is both traditional and casual in styling and works well with any colour and Decor.

The safety features of this type of bed.The corners and the edges are rounded as well as smooth. High as well low locking rail positions. The rail bolt firmly in space.

The Newport Beach Twin over Twin Bunk with under bed storage. The Newport Beach is finished in a brown cherry colour and is a mix between contemporary, traditional and casual in styling and works well with any colours. This Furniture can grow with your child’s needs.

The American loft bed is part of the American Spirit Collection from Legacy Classic Kids. Its height is 83x46x72. It is wooden and it is available in dark in shade and there is stairs also available. The summer breeze bunk bed is soothing colour for kids. Its dimension is 84 x 71 x 78. It is the optimum solution with families who have limited space.

The Reflections Twin has 2 different optional under bed storage upgrades. The twin over twin bunk bed can easily be converted into 2 separate twin beds with the extra included rails. The dimensions are 82″ W x 43″ D x 79″.

Vaughan Bassett is the also good example of this type of bed. It includes Bunk bed, Desk, Hutch, and Chair. The Laguna Beach Twin over Full is available with the under bed storage. The legacy bunk bed is very feminine and perfect for any age group.

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