Pessoa Legacy Event Saddle – Ride Like a Pro

The Pessoa Legacy Event Saddle is beautifully crafted and functional. This line of Pessoa saddle features a new AMS Synthetic Wool flocked System, which makes the saddle more comfortable than other saddles. This particular saddle consists of a deep rich dark brown color, is full of luster, and lasts a long time.

The saddle comes with a lifetime guarantee because the manufacturers are confident in the materials used to make the saddle, such as a carbon fiber spring tree.

If you’re a horseback rider that loves to push yourself and your horse to the max, the Pessoa Legacy Event saddle is for you. Few saddles such as this one can keep up with the demands of an intense horseback rider.

Features and Benefits

The AMS Synthetic Wool Flocked System eliminates the wadding up of the wool by using a neoprene panel to disperse the pressure.

Saddles that don’t include this technology end up having clumps which makes riding too difficult on the rider’s joints and very uncomfortable for the horse.

With the AMS system on this saddle, you are guaranteed to be able to ride in comfort no matter how long or how hard you ride your horse.

Underperformance and exhaustion are directly correlated to saddles that do not contain the AMS technology because saddles that don’t contain the AMS technology enable the horse to lock in heat and increase their core temperature.

However, Pessoa has tackled this problem and made the lining breathable which means that you can say goodbye to hotspots.

The saddle includes a flexible carbon spring tree that creates more suspension for the rider, allowing for greater movement and the achievement of a near perfect galloping rhythm.

Many lessor saddles include stiff trees that often break – this saddle’s tree is so good, it’s guaranteed for the lifetime of the saddle.

The rider feels a greater sense of balance due to the more forward flap and open seat with the Pessoa Legacy Event Saddle. This also allows for a greater range of movement and a more natural control over the horse.


It might be trite to say that there are none, but this saddle certainly has few flaws, if any. Some remark that the saddle strides a little to far from the Pessoa’s dedication to traditional saddle manufacturing.

Most, however, maintain that the saddle is a perfect mix of tradition and new technologies. I agree. Master craftsmen are always improving their work, and this saddle is evidence of that.

Summary and Recommendation

If riding is your one true love, or if you simply do it a lot, then you deserve the Pessoa Event Saddle. It is perfect for shows that put riders and horses to the test as well as everyday work. You can rest assured that this saddle is not going to give up on you.

As many riders will tell you, you simply can’t go wrong buying a saddle from the Pessoa line and this is one of the best in that line. If you and your horse work hard together, than you both deserve the comfort that this saddle has to offer. You’ll be amazed by what you can achieve with an amazing saddle like this.

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Being a Legacy

Being: This is a most important character trait. Being is taking who you are and being okay with it. It is the essence of staying true to self. Being doesn’t try to impress or suppress, for these claim you are smaller than who you really are. Being takes a stand with who I am and says this is 100% me. It is content with how you were made. It is not concerned with what others might think. Being just accepts the nature of who you are and attempts to be genuine with it. Being can’t truly be itself unless it’s tempered from above. For it takes more than man to understand man. Being is having the inside match the outside. People are like tomatoes; they are soft underneath. But they don’t want to show it for fear someone might not like what they see. Being is comfortable in its own skin. It lays down pride in order to pick up peace.

Pulls off its mask in order to gain its face. Being is the natural course of character. Some think if they hide it, it’s not there. Then they spend a lifetime trying to reconcile why life doesn’t make sense. Being someone else is no fun, for you can never see yourself in the mirror. Being is freeing. It allows you to be you and even change if you want to. Being laughs at its self. It is open to correct itself. It even says I’m proud of you. Being is slowing pace down so you can capture the moment. It’s treasuring what you have, changing what you want and appreciating life as it is. Being need not mimic another’s lifestyle, for in doing so it gives up its own. Being is abundantly self and no other substitute will do. Being is the only way you can have choice. Anything else is just what you think is a choice. Being does not hide from itself for full acceptance loses fear. Being attracts friends, for so many long to have that same sense of rest in themselves. Anything more or less than being would be a lie.

Legacy: A Legacy is that part that leaves a mark on the mind and hearts of those for years to come. It influences change from a normal rate and moves to a pace of greater magnitude and benefit. A Legacy serves its environment. It spends itself so that others may gain. A Legacy does what it does, not to gain fame, but to make a difference. A Legacy throws its heart into what it does. It’s output no longer an effort but an extension of itself. A Legacy changes the course of things. It plays a part in making the person or culture the way it is today. A Legacy lives as long as the thought of it triggers admiration. A Legacy’s enemies are usually those who were jealous of its strengths.

A Legacy’s power is its passion. From a force to finish what was dreamed in the heart. From an involuntary need to succeed at that dream. A Legacy leads others to greater things. It serves a purpose more than itself. Recognition is not sought, it’s just a by-product of making a difference bigger than itself. A Legacy can bleed when its intentions are misunderstood. For its wake can be upsetting to others not traveling the same speed.

A Legacy is what’s left behind. The good thing that reminds. The part of the heart that remains to resonate. A Legacy does its good and when it leaves, traces of that good is part of life for generations to come. A Legacy did what it could to make a difference. And to that end, we are its beneficiaries.

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Protection For You is Easy

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