Lasting Legacy?

As the country anxiously celebrates the Martin Luther King (MLK), 48th anniversary of the I have a dream speech, here on August 28, 2011 in the Nation’s capitol here in Washington, DC, and the unveiling of the national monument made in celebration of his likeness, and his contribution to society as a whole, I am reminded of the sacrifices that he and others have made to this great country of ours.

He had the creative visualization and the required self discipline and the personal self motivation to keep up the fight for his convictions for racial equality, when at that time in our history, bigotry and prejudice feelings and attitudes ruled the day.

As I reflect upon this historic day in our nation’s history, I am forever reminded that our freedom that so many in this great country of ours take for granted is never free. Convictions, and heart-felt purpose with passion and desire in changing opinions and attitude require sacrifice. If you believe in something strong enough, you need to put your feelings into action.

MLK did just that, his legacy will forever be remembered as racial equality for all people, and he paid the ultimate sacrifice for his heart-felt passionate convictions, that by his self-sacrificial example, changed forever the course of racial equality for the good in this country of ours. There was nothing selfish in his purpose and in his personal mission statement for the world.

What is Your Lasting Legacy?

But there is a bigger lesson to learn from all of this I believe. Each one of us has the capacity and personal drive to make an impact upon our societies as a whole as well; regardless of your economic, political, and or class status in where you live and reside on planet earth. The Lord our God created all mankind with a purpose and mission in life.

What is it that you are passionate about? What idea or thought consumes you day and night wishing to share with the whole world? What can you do in making your little part of the world in which you live better for your family or neighbor down the street. Death and dying are real, and the cemeteries are all too full of people who died way to soon of fulfilling their life-long dreams, aspirations, and smart goals in life.

Think about what is important to you, and seek out a plan in bringing your dreams into fruition. You just need to have the hope and faith, and a positive attitude in making your part of the world a better place for all mankind. Your lasting legacy depends on it.

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Living Legacy: A Creative Entrepreneurial Journey

Choosing a career or selecting a niche is a snap for some- especially for those who ‘just know’ or treat their work as separate from their identity- and torture for others. For those who struggle to choose, what is often at play is the belief that what we DO in life is very often a representation of who we ARE. So it really matters what we do, or are seen to be doing.

It’s the same with choosing your legacy. Now some will say that one’s legacy is none of your business- it’s what others bestow on you when you are gone. Perhaps that’s somewhat true in terms of impact. However, I am of the firm belief that we can choose not only the gist of our legacy when we are gone, but we can also choose and begin sculpting our legacy right now… at any age or stage, while still very much alive and well. I refer to this as Living Legacy. You just start now, living your legacy as you move forward (so to speak) in life, rather than waiting until on your deathbed and looking back in regret at what you could or should have done. It’s rather like embarking on an entrepreneurial enterprise, setting up a business or project using existing resources designed to add value in your uniquely innovative way.

So, like choosing a job or niche, how do we choose a legacy? Since I come from the school of belief that each person has a unique destiny, which is why we are living here and now, it’s important to tune in to the very core of your being and simply listen. Ask the question to yourself and your chosen higher powers, which sets the intention in your vibrational forcefield: ‘what are my unique gifts’?, or ‘what is my legacy to live and give’? or, ‘how can I best use my talents and skills to make a difference’? Ask, then look and listen all around you as clues show up in the form of people you meet, snippets of converstation you overhear, magazine articles that grab your attention, choices that just ‘feel right’, or many other possible signs. This is how you SET the INtention, then PAY ATtention to receive what you asked for. And remember also to include the ‘obvious suspects’, such as skills that demonstrate your mastery and life experiences that bring prepective, as possible inputs. Tapping both your creativity and entrepreneurial skillsets will help propel you along the path.

I have suggested here just the first step in discovering and honing what could become your Living Legacy, an expression of what matters most to you such that you are willing to leave your mark by it. Enjoy the discovery process as you jumpstart the journey of your lifetime!

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Michael Jackson “This is It” – You Can Leave a Legacy Too

Alas, it is true that there will be only one Michael Jackson. His impact on the world was, and will continue to be, stellar. But, it is far more useful to be inspired by his genius than be intimidated by it. It is far better for you and for your world for you to take guidance from his life. Michael Jackson was a brilliant singer, song-writer and dancer. What is important to you and to the legacy you can leave is: What is your talent?

Your talent does not have to be in the league of Jackson’s genius. Nevertheless, you do indeed have talent.

Be creatively introspective and think:

… What do other compliment me for?

… What does my employer praise me for?

… What do my clients come to me for?

… What are my friends impressed with?

… What do those I follow (or those who follow me) typically say in appreciation?

… What do my friends and family most love me for?

When you boldly ask yourself these questions (and others too), you will begin to realize that you have talents. When you deliver those talents, more and more, people around you will be brightened by your light. Commercially, it means that your business will flourish and your employment will be worth more salary.

Those talents are enlightening your world anywhere from just your family, up to your community and work, up to the city or nation. But, even if it just at the ‘lower’ end of that scale, it is important.

The world shines more brightly occasionally by the genius of one man, like Michael Jackson. Mostly, the world is brightened by the billions of apparently-ordinary but in reality very special human beings like yourself.

What will your legacy be?

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