How to Leave a Legacy

Individuals who have achieved great things in their life often wonder how to leave a legacy, a legacy for their family to enjoy for many years to come. Unexpectedly, there is a perfect uncommon solution and it is a US private island. Think of an island not far from business centers, but far enough to experience that unparalleled privacy that most families dream of. Imagine an island that can be accessed by yachts and surprisingly enough by cars too because of its half a mile gated, lined with palm trees and locked causeway. Picture a getaway island where all the homes have scenic view of the sea, nearby islands, rivers, and nature. Think of an island where one can go as one wish for nature walks, watch the birds, go for boating, fishing, shrimping, and crabbing with family.

Wouldn’t it be nice to own such an island one day? Wouldn’t it be nice to have such an island for personal getaway, for family reunions, or for business retreats? However, does such a private island exist for purchase today?

Surprisingly enough, such an island does exist and is within reach today. Many of these private islands are located in the Carolina’s. For example; currently for sale is Live Oak Island, a 12-acre private island paradise. The island lies just 20 miles from the trendy Hilton Head Island and a short drive from historic Beaufort, NC.

Interestingly enough, more North and South Carolina Private Islands are for sale. They are some of the few remaining islands that are open for private ownership today.

To answer the question; how can I leave a legacy? Buying the island is the ideal legacy you can leave your family. The thought of your family having reunions, getaways on the island even after you are gone is calming indeed. It is reassuring to know that in buying the island, your family could also enjoy the panoramic view of the ocean, exclusivity and prestige that come along with private island ownership. It is comforting to know that someday your family will truly enjoy family reunions in your name as there are many island activities to do to bring a family closer together.

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Coach Legacy Handbags – Which Style Complements Your Style The Most?

Coach Legacy handbags have become so popular with the Coach handbag enthusiast. You will find more women carrying the Coach Legacy handbags these days than ever before. The fact that these bags are affordable luxury makes the desire for them even stronger.

For the Coach Legacy handbags fan, these bags have practically become a woman’s best accessory. With all of the different styles to choose from, you will never have to go without carrying a Legacy to some place for any occasion.

The Coach Legacy handbag comes in six different designs with numerous styles to fall in love with. These handbags are made with the signature leathers, cottons or canvas. You will find these great handbags in either the satchel, courier, tote, flap, shoulder or the pouch styles.

Here are a few of the most popular in the Coach Legacy Handbag family:

Coach Legacy Signature Cotton Satchel

Crisp textured cotton and an iconic Legacy shape make this roomy satchel both modern and timeless at the same time. With this bag you will get an inside zip pocket, cellphone/multi-function pockets, ring to clip an accessory or keyfob, two front pockets with hidden snap closure under buckle tab and two side pockets with turnlock closures that are great for loose change or your favorite lip gloss.

A zip-top closure is perfect for that extra securing of your belongings. Don’t forget about the signature dogleash closure that comes with all of the authentic Legacy handbags. The brass/denim color in this design is great for the summer time look. It will go great with any pair of jeans.

Coach Mandy Signature Courier or the Coach Mandy Leather Courier

These New! Legacy silhouettes in supple leather features the fashionable front pockets of the satchel styles, with an interior that’s both modern and functional. With these bags you will get an inside zip pocket, cellphone/multi-function pockets, ring to clip an accessory or keyfob, two front pockets with hidden snap closure under buckle tab and a back open pocket for extra storage for quick access items. The Signature is made with signature jacquard fabric with leather trim and the Mandy leather is made from vintage leathers and Legacy stripe lining.

These are the perfect bags for any outfit. The Mandy leather comes in natural, whiskey, white or black with the brass hardware and the Signature comes in the brass/black or the khaki/gold. When you think of an all occasions bag, think of the Courier.

Coach Legacy Signature Shoulder Bag and the Coach Legacy Top Handle Pouch

These handbags are sleek and have a definite refinement to them. They look just as their name implies. The Legacy shoulder bags fit over the shoulder and rest comfortably under the arm. With the signature multi-function pockets and accessory clip you are sure to find that everything has a place in this bag. The pouch bags work just the same. These bags can be used as a beauty case or a great bag for travel. The versatile style also makes a great small handbag. The unique side pockets are perfect for your lipstick, keys or change.

With all of these fabulous Coach Legacy handbags to choose from, you are sure to find that perfect bag that will bring out the style in you or better yet enhance the style that you carry with you day by day.

Coach Legacy handbags not only complement your individual style, but also give you a sense of awareness of fashion. The Legacy Collection embodies decades of design while embracing elements of what’s new in fashion. If you own a Coach Legacy and carry it, then you know fashion and style.

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Leadership, Legitimacy and Legacy – Let’s Take a Look

Every leader seems to want to leave his mark, and yet that is unfortunate, as that says more about the man inside the leader’s suit than the service he is to perform for the very organization, which entrusted him as their leader. But is the leader all he is suppose to be if he is more worried about what people think of him than the job he is doing for the betterment of the team, customer, profits and the longevity of the company or organization?

Would a tried and true leader be a legitimate if they constantly put themselves in the spotlight, rather than his followers, team members, customers, shareholders or organization? Legitimate leaders lead first, give credit to everyone else first and about themselves and the legacy last.

Indeed, this is actually how such a legacy is created. A great leader does not need to use trickery or manipulation to prop himself up, rather he is constantly helping others reach their full-potential for the good of themselves and the organization.

A great leader motivates people, often large numbers of folks to work together in a common cause to achieve things that are thought to be impossible. Indeed, a leader which does that will not have to build their legacy, it will already have been built in stone with the strongest of foundations which will carry that legacy through the ages and into future periods and eras.

When we really stop and take a look at what makes leaders we see that leadership is often the opposite of what leaders think it is and their legacy is generally what it should be based on their legitimate ability to lead. Think on that.

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